To: Jabba The Hut, Subject: Wedding Invite

September 9, 2010 § 6 Comments

My friend’s wedding is coming up, and I haven’t even chosen my outfit yet.

I went out looking in the reccomended shop and found a few nice dresses that I thought would look nice on me, but the prices just put me right off. £200 for a plain black dress! *faints*

For the hen night I just picked a couple of outfits to go along with the events, but obviously I can’t wear them to the wedding, so the wardrobe doors close. I need to find a nice outfit before long, or else I’ll be showing up to the wedding wearing nothing but my pyjamas – and it is seriously looking that way.

When I went to the shop yesterday, I saw lots of lovely dresses. The shop assistant came over multiple times, saying “oh, wow, that would look splendid on you!” and “that would go well with your skin-tone [pale] nicely!”

But, of course she’d say that. She’d tell Jabba the Hut that the dresses would suit him just to get money out of him.

I’d better find a shop fast, otherwise Jabba will be having my invite instead, wearing my special dress…


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§ 6 Responses to To: Jabba The Hut, Subject: Wedding Invite

  • FortyNotOut says:

    Ah the old wedding dress dilemma… you need The Online Stylist my darling! Pop on over and take a look xx

  • spudballoo says:

    Oh poor you. I used to SO enjoy choosing frocks for special occasions, but now I know they will sit in the wardrobe from year to year and resent the money when I could spend it on everyday clothes. I think that’s called ‘growing up’….bah! xx

    • glummymummy says:

      So did I! Since there were a lot of weddings when I was younger, I’d buy an outfit and wear it to a couple of weddings, so it would be worth the money, but nowadays there aren’t many weddings, so I either grow out of the outfits or go off them! xx

  • maryfclark says:

    Always a horrible decision. I don’t envy you: but at least if you get to wear black, there is a possibility that you may wear the dress again sometime. I have been told that I MUST wear tartan to a wedding in November, and my sons and husband must wear kilts. This, I feel, is asking a lot: we aren’t Scottish. The ring-bearer is also, literally, a dog.

    • glummymummy says:

      Please don’t tell me nobody involved with the wedding is Scottish…

      I suppose black is pretty much my only option, as to the last wedding I went to, I was completely out of place – I wore a trouser-suit (as complimented on by Husband), whereas every other woman in the whole place was wearing a dress. Needless to say that suit hasn’t seen the light of day since.

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