Yet more dress news. But with pictures this time

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight, I went out to look at yet more dresses. I went to Monsoon first of all, and found 2 dresses that I took a shine to at first glance.

The 1st was this one:

Elisa Dress

which I absolutely adore. The only problem with it, though, is that I’d probably have to then search all over town for some blue shoes to match (after already finding a matching clutch. I don’t half feel famous). I did buy it, obviously (how could I let it stay in the shop, all on it’s lonesome? I just had to get it), and I need a bit of fashion advice. What sort of shoes shall I wear with them?

And this is the 2nd one I found:

Florida Dress

which I am rather fond of. I bought a small black cardigan to go over the arms for this one (let’s say I’m not overly confident in the arm department), and it looks quite nice. I’m going to try them both on tonight, and see how I look with them both on. I’ll update tomorrow (that is, if I actually get round to trying them on. I am quite shattered, and so may end up falling asleep in front of the keyboard…).

I’d love your opinions on the dresses, and what to wear with either! Thanks!



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