Why are my lips covered in satin?

September 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay, so it’s been a few days since the wedding actually occurred, but I’ve had so much to think about (and, quite frankly, so much to watch on TV – need to clear out the planner) so didn’t actually get round to it until now.

So, I decided to go with the blue dress (the one I loved). I still like the black and white one, so that is hung up in my wardrobe and shall be used soon (if, that is, I get invited to any parties/night outs soon). The blue one, however, is being kissed constantly by myself.

I was feeling quite self-conscious on the way, as Couch Potato had said it looked “too old for me” (yet Daughter said the complete opposite. Who shall I believe?!). By the time we were getting out of the car my legs were practically wobbling and my nails were getting bitten more and more as the seconds progressed.

We got in the church and the wedding was brilliant – so lovely and romantic.

It was the reception that people actually started to notice me, though. I was wearing oiled tights to boost my confidence slightly, and people complimented me on my ‘lovely legs’ as they passed me on the stairs. If only they knew, I thought.

But I was most fond of the compliments I received on the dress. A few youngsters told me it suited me well (I’d paired it with black shoes and a black cardigan, despite thinking it was a bad idea beforehand), thankfully, so I told them how my darling partner had told me it looked too old for me. They immediately disagreed, so I vowed then to never trust his opinions again (yes, even if he tells me a sheepskin sack outfit would look quite bad to a trip out to a water park. Even then).

I love you, dress. You are my new husband.


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