Hi, my name is Glummy Mummy (otherwise known as Christine).

My family (yes, including my husband) drive me up the wall, so high that I am constantly in danger of falling off.

This blog is my way of venting everything, and sharing how I feel about my stressful journey through motherhood.

Me – My name is Christine (as I mentioned before). I work part-time (school hours) as a barmaid/waitress and then work the remaining hours until bedtime as a mother of 2.

Husband (otherwise known as Couch Potato) – I think his alias says it all. When he gets home from work, he glues his backside and sits in a comfortable position on the sofa, the channel consistently on Sky Sports 1 or whatever.

Daughter – My 12 year old. Stressfully on the verge of her teenage years, and don’t I know it…

Son – My 10 year old. Married to somebody called Football, though is also in love with Cricket. I am constantly having to drive Son to football matches and cricket training while Husband is still at work. You can imagine my distress.

And finally…

Tids – Our beautiful yet very old cat. If you look at my old blog you’ll see a photograph of her, her emerald eyes gleaming in glory at the computer screen. Daughter is completely in love with her, whereas Husband claims he’ll only be sad when she’s gone because ‘all that cat food will go to waste’. How loved she must feel…


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