To: Jabba The Hut, Subject: Wedding Invite

September 9, 2010 § 6 Comments

My friend’s wedding is coming up, and I haven’t even chosen my outfit yet.

I went out looking in the reccomended shop and found a few nice dresses that I thought would look nice on me, but the prices just put me right off. £200 for a plain black dress! *faints*

For the hen night I just picked a couple of outfits to go along with the events, but obviously I can’t wear them to the wedding, so the wardrobe doors close. I need to find a nice outfit before long, or else I’ll be showing up to the wedding wearing nothing but my pyjamas – and it is seriously looking that way.

When I went to the shop yesterday, I saw lots of lovely dresses. The shop assistant came over multiple times, saying “oh, wow, that would look splendid on you!” and “that would go well with your skin-tone [pale] nicely!”

But, of course she’d say that. She’d tell Jabba the Hut that the dresses would suit him just to get money out of him.

I’d better find a shop fast, otherwise Jabba will be having my invite instead, wearing my special dress…


Random Tuesday Thoughts: Katy Perry

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, it’s that time again for The Un-Mom’s Random Tuesday Thoughts. Now, to be honest, most of my thoughts are random, so this shouldn’t be very hard at all.

Have any of you guys heard the song ‘California Girls’? I’m pretty sure you actually have, seeing as though you hear it EVERYWHERE. Never a day goes by without me hearing ‘California girls, we’re unsociable’ or whatever the bloody line is. Daughter plays it on her laptop every day, so much that I could actually recite the lines to people (well… I couldn’t, but you understand).

It’s by that girl, Katy Perry. You know, the one who wears cupcakes on her bras and sequins on her Lycra shorts, singing away in candy-land. Heaven, methinks.

She’s engaged to Russell Brand, another reason to dislike her even more than already. She could bag any man in the world, and yet she chooses a rude, crude, ugly, Jack-Sparrow look-alike to marry. Or was that all just a nightmare I had a couple of nights ago?

Now, you may be thinking, why on earth is she talking about Katy Perry? Well, it is Random Tuesday Thoughts after all! If you want to take part, just go to The Un-Mom and link up your thoughts when written. Get thinking randomly, people!

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